Why Regression and Past Life therapy?

Regression therapy allows you to progress in life. Sometimes in life we encounter things that disturb our well feeling, things that block our existence or make us unhappy. Sometimes we even don't understand our own behavior or the way we do things. It makes us unhappy, depressed, anxious...

Faster than other therapy, transpersonal regression therapy can change patterns and deep feelings in us and improve our life.

What is Regression therapy?

Regression is reliving experiences of the past that were the cause of, or initiated the current problems or behavior. Regression therapy uses reliving on a liberating way to elaborate not integrated feelings or to dig up forgotten positive feelings and dormant qualities.

You don't know anymore what caused your problem? That doesn't matter. A tiny little misadventure can be the origin of your problem. Sometimes we think we've already elaborated it, sometimes we think it was an unimportant event, but it is not the mind that decides this, but your heart and your energetic body! Everything about this life-changing event is stored in that energy, and our subconscious mind is aware of it. Regression therapy reaches this energetic layer to find and work out the core.

What exactly happened is of minor importance, but what the impact was, so much more. The charges that resulted disturb our well feeling and have to be seen and released.

What is Transpersonal Regression Therapy and Past Life therapy?

It is regression therapy that allows and accepts experiences that seem to have happened in another lifetime or in other dimensions. What ever pops up, we work with it. The weirdest things that come up have a reason. We take it seriously and it can frequently be metaphoric understood or elaborated.

Working with children:

Also babies and children can be treated in our practice. With a special method and non-verbal communication, the charges of the children are reached and negotiated in the energetic field.

Children? Charges?... Yes, yet in the womb, the child is already conscious of her- or himself, of the mother and of the environment. Important events in the life of the mother or a threatening thing, like imminent abortion induces a lot of charges like fear, disgust, anger.... That emerges when the baby is born or even years later. These early trauma need to be resolved as soon as possible in a ay that the child can enter his life with full capacity.

Other problems are: heavy family energy (ancestral trauma), attachments and postulation (such as: "I am a loser" or all men are bullies"). All this has retrievable causes and can be cured in many cases.

Results of Regression Therapy:

Like most other forms of psychotherapy, these can be distinguished in:

Mental results: clarity, mindfulness, self-knowledge, understanding people, liberation of limiting beliefs.

Emotional results: inner calm, self-acceptance and self-confidence, restored empathy and positive emotions and expression of emotions.

Physical results: disappearing of psychosomatic complaints like low energy, tensions, hypersensitivities and symptoms without medical explanation.

Spiritual results: finding balance in life, understanding things that happen around us. 'knowing' instead of believing.

Useful for:

Regression therapy may help where other therapies fail, but is doesn't help everybody and not with all problems.

It doesn't resolve mental handicaps, it often does not work with people who lean towards autism, who are seriously compulsive or obsessive or truly paranoid. It doesn't help people who gain by being labeled patients. It is difficult with the addicted, the unemotional and those hardly aware of their own body.

But it may work wonders with inexplicable fears, with depression without a clear cause, with unexplainable guilt or shame, with psychosomatic problems and relationship problems. It may even work wonders with multiple personality disorder, with people hearing voices or suffering from visual hallucinations. It often works wonders with suicidal people.

For chronic problems like migraines and insomnia the conclusion is not clear yet. Successes and failures seem to even each other out.

Even when it doesn't work, regression therapy has a saving grace: it is relatively short. One or two sessions are enough to find out if this is going to work or not. For most people it works very well indeed.

Time, place and fee:

Mostly we do first an intake consult to make sure what is the core of the matter. In this conversation, client and therapist learn to know and thrust each other for the coming sessions, which often treat delicate matters. You get information about how a session goes and there is time for any of your questions. Then we make an appointment for the session. The price of an intake is 70€ (+_ 45 min.)  

The price for Intake and regression together is 220€ (this consultation takes 3 hours, if longer, 30€ is charged per half hour that started. 

A regression consultation takes 2 hours and costs 150€, if longer, 30€ is charged per half hour that started. 

Centrum Iris, Dendermondebaan 123 W1, 9240 Zele

Sessions are carefully planned in the agenda and sufficient time is available. If you want to cancel, you need it to do at least 48h in advance, otherwise the session will be charged.